Sunday, March 8, 2009

What you don't find...

After 25 years of living here on Northern Vancouver Island we have seen prety much everything there is to see up this way as we are dedicated hikers and try to go somewhere interesting at least once a weekend...

Yesterday my Wife and I were driving down a back road we have driven many times in the past. Something through the trees caught my eye, didn't look quite right. So I stoped the truck and we walked about 100 feet through the woods into a swampy clearing. Here we found an old Logging Trestle Bridge which crossed the swampy area! What a find! the fact that there were no trails from the road to this place leads me to believe that not many people know it is here.

Though it was getting dusky I took a number of pictures fully intending to come back and do a real shoot on the place in the near future!

The upper picture is as shot, the picture below is me playing around with PhotoShop and turning the picture into a painting. Came out not too bad.

What you don't find eh?


  1. I like both of those photos. I especially like the fact the photo is of something most people will never see. It brings history to life.

  2. This find is a jewel! More pics are called for to preserve the posterity before nature takes its


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