Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Keltic Seafoods Canery

This time of year is fairly quiet around the Canery in Hardy Bay, but come the end of February things will start to pickup.
Took this picture a couple of days ago while out looking for something to "shoot at". (Starting to sound like a Red Neck! LOL)

Monday, January 25, 2010

Windy weekend

Took some time to get out Sunday afternoon and take a few pictures around Port Hardy. These two shots are from the beach near the Port Hardy Airport. I spent a bit of time with each in Photoshop to brighten and bring out a bit of the colour.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Ice Falls

It has finaly begun to thaw a little around here and with that comes the slosh of wet ground, left over snow and water. The good part is it is making for some nice ice formations.
I was out cutting some firewood today and came across this little ice water fall so I took a couple of shots. It's hard to tell in the small photo but there is quite a bit of water running over this small cliff in the center of the ice formation.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Double digit temps.

Last several days out here on the West Coast have been downright balmy! We are also into double digit temps, 10° and 11° C. which would translate to 50° and 52° F. But along with the warmth comes the wet, yesterday we got 46mm (almost 2") of rain and today will probably be about the same. Don't have to shovel the stuff anyway, thank goodness!

Brige over Quatse River

A busy day at the beach

We are finally back into the double digits for a temperature so I thought about the beach! Blue water and white sands, in my case it's still snow but at least I can daydream!

Friday, January 8, 2010

-5 in Port Hardy

Yeah it got down to -5 a few nights ago, -5 centigrade that is. Guess we have it prety good in the scheme of things living in a West Coast Rain Forest even though it rains so darn much...

Here is a picture I took a couple of days ago in Port Hardy. So far the Coast has been spared the blistering cold winter the rest of North America is dealing with just now.

Driving home

This isn't a good picture in any way but I was driving home from work and couldn't help myself. It's the first time I have seen negative numbers on the themometer in my SUV. The shot is blurry because I took it while driving but I wasn't going to stop, I wanted to get home because it was headed for minus 6. It's supposed to be minus 12 tonight, I really should be in Hawaii right now!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Roadside Bird

Found this fellow just standing on the side of the road as I drove up with my pickup truck. He didn't move so I stoped the truck, got out my camera, changed to my ugly old 70-300 lens, steped out of the truck and started shooting. Before long he started showing off! Luck for him I am more into cameras than shotguns...

Friday, January 1, 2010

Coal Harbour

Here are a couple of nice shots of downtown Coal Harbour and Stephen's Bay which I took last weekend. Most of the buildings seen in the below picture were built by the Canadian Armed Forces during WWII. Coal Harbour was a Seaplane base and supported a squadron of long range recon PBYs (Amphibious aeroplanes).

After WWII the base was sold to BC Packers and converted to a whale processing plant and supported a small fleet of Whailing Ships. Whaling finished in 1967 and the buildings were sold.

Things have now come full circle and the large aeroplane hanger (On the left) is once again used by a company with a number of Float Planes.

Makahiki Hou!! or Happy New Year!!

They call it a blue moon but it doesn't look blue to me! According to the people who know these things, a blue moon (two full moons in one month) only happens every two and one half years. They didn't say how often a blue moon happens on New Years Eve though.

I might add it was really, really cold last night when I took this photo. Snow still on the ground and the temperature was 11! I guess I should be glad it was in double digits, it's supposed to be 2 tonight!