Sunday, March 30, 2014

Playing with the CP Filter...

Here are a couple of pictures using the CP Filter. The first picture is of  Ala Moana Beach at 10mm with the Sigma 10-20 and CP filter. the second picture is of Waikiki and Diamond Head at 18mm with the Nikon 18-300 and CP filter. Except for a slight crop to get rid of vignetting on the first picture and resizing both pictures are as shot.

Interesting to note that I saw very few people taking pictures with DSLR cameras this visit to Oahu. I actually felt a little out of place with my great big camera and lenses... More and more people using their cell phones I'm thinking!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Happy Wife!

When a woman get behind the wheel of 460 hp. with twin turbo, you're making her a happy wife!  Couple months ago we were planning to get a new car for my wife, and we are going to purchase a car that gives us a better gas mileage from our previous Lexus GS300.  Well, that wasn't in our mind when she test drove the Lexus IS F, and IS350 F.  When I saw her smile when she stepping on the gas paddle, I knew right the way she's not going to go home with out one.  We have been drove this car for 2 months, and we glad we made the purchase.  It's a fun car to drive, and we love all the safety features in this car.  If you have a chance, test drive this car, and you won't regret.

Classic Cars.

Shot these photos from a cars expo held here in Dallas recently.  I'm glad there are a few of these classic cars are still operational on the street! Maybe you could share your story if you own of one these cars in the past.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Red Crested Cardinal

Also known as the Brazilian Cardinal. These birds were introduced to Oahu and Kaua'i from South America in the 1930s and have since spread naturally to the other Hawaiian Islands.

Found this little fellow mooching as we ate our lunch one afternoon so I took a few pictures.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Where Santa goes...

I think I've figured out where Santa goes on his time off... Clearly Santa has lost a great deal of weight from delivering so many presents at Christmas time and has come to Waikiki to relax and plump up again before next Christmas!

Shooting With the Kansas Brothers!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


These were taken during trip to Oklahoma on the out skirts of Medicine Park. 

Both abandoned to weather the sands of times with a view like this.

Pareidolia In The Sandstone

Nowhere Series
part 2

Sedimentary Rocks
While climbing around the cliffs looking for more carvings I couldn't help but notice the layered and colorful rocks. Shaped by wind, water, and the other elements that Oklahoma weather could throw at them over the years. The exposed cliff face had become not only artistic in looks, but a good example of sedimentary sandstone formation!

Standing Watch
All the time I was walking around and observing different aspects of the strata, a feeling of 'being watched' was with me. When I stepped back from the rocks to begin composing my pictures, I found the answer for my feeling. In the center of the above photos was this image in stone looking down on me. A moment of Pareidolia! A fancy word for 'seeing things'. I was being watched by the Caretaker of The Site!

Nose to Nose
A turn to my left and the erosion of the sandstone presented me with an image of  a bear reaching down to touch noses with a fox. A stalactite-stalagmite formation caused by erosion. 

Being out in nature always brings surprises when one takes the time to let his mind relax and wonder. I'm always on the look for these little whimsies that remind me of other things. Sometimes they come from the shapes of mountaintops, clouds, rocks, shadows, or trees. Adds a fun layer to a hike or even a drive. Look around; Bet you can find your own! 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Buzzed... Again!

The pilots all know I take my camera with me when I'm out on the boat and they know I like taking pictures of the planes. I can't help but think that this pilot might have been hot dogging it just a wee bit for the camera as he took off the other afternoon!

Laying down on the job

It never fails, you try to lay down and get a little rest and some wise acre takes a photo of you. And he did it with my own camera too! This top shot was taken by Aaron with the 600mm lens and D700 I left standing on the tripod while I was trying to be sneaky. 

It was a free for all when the gulls came out of the water with some fish. It seems the pelicans preferred to steal their meals instead of work for them.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Segway Tourists

Found this group of tourists not breaking a sweat as they Segway toured the beach walks of Waikiki!

Gone Fishin'

The gulls and pelicans had easy picking for food when were in Oklahoma. The fish came pre-processed from the tube that was pumping water in to the lake. It was a great spot to just watch the interaction between the gulls and pelicans. All though the pelicans were no where as graceful as the Osprey they would still dive almost completely into the water to get some food. After they did the hard work of getting the food the pelicans would then harass them til they dropped it and sneak in for a easy meal.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Bee careful!

I watched with great fascination and from a respectable distance as this fellow expertly worked with his bees

" Nowhere " a destination

Red Cliffs and Canyon Walls
Caddo County, Oklahoma
First of a Series to Nowhere

Woke up with no thoughts or plans of going nowhere. Funny how a couple of cups of coffee along with warm temps and bright sunshine can change one's mind. Time was on my side and I was on the road shortly, still without a destination in mind. When in doubt, 'head west by southwest' is my choice! 

Hilltop Cliff
Had a memory jog! Try to find the old cliff face with the carvings of dates and names that I last saw some twenty-five years ago!

Westward to Us 81, south to SH 152, west again to the Red Rock Canyons located in Caddo County. A scenic and rough slice of beauty that one has to search out to appreciate. No signs to point the way to my long ago find, just my memory!

They Passed This Way!
Only a sampling of the many scratched messages inscribed on the sandstone tablet. Next visit I will bring a ladder. At least 20 foot up I can see the faint markings that my 200mm lens would not do justice to. No speculation on my part. I was just glad that after all those years since I discovered the site for myself, that it was intact with very little change. Going to Nowhere can sure be fun!

Seeing Double

Just a few more pelicans from our Oklahoma trip.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Balancing act!

Bring new meaning to balancing a surf board on your head!

Silent Witnesses

A Rise in The Plains
part two

East Bluff
A natural cut between two prominent red sandstone bluffs leads one up to a plateau that overlooks the Washita River to the north. If one were standing on either the east or west bluff in May of 1865 they would have had a bird's eye view of Cottonwood Grove.

West Bluff
Scattered up and down the river were an estimated 800 teepees with up to 7,000 Plains Indians from over 20 tribes gathered for a Council. The future of their lives were at stake. The Civil War was winding down and they needed to make peace among themselves and also know where they stood with the United States. A treaty was drew up and delegates were chosen to go to Washington DC.


After the Civil War, Cottonwood Grove was given the name Camp Napoleon. All the ancient trees have been cut down and the small town of Verden, Oklahoma sits on the grounds of one of the Teepee encampments. The red sandstone pinnacles still stand!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Newcastle Chanel

A view of Newcastle Chanel and downtown Nanaimo from the ferry on the way to Vancouver.

A Rise in The Plains

Sandstone Outcrops

Caddo County, Central Oklahoma.