Thursday, September 29, 2011

There's gold in them hills!

These are a couple from my Arizona files. I've been meaning to get back out to this spot and find the mother load that goes with these gold laden quartz rocks but just haven't had the time.

Another view of the moutain that taunts me.


Time to make Tracks and Go Camping for awhile. Will be Hiking with Ron and hopefully T.J. and maybe others. Lots of visiting and relaxing with friends.
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In the Instructors category my pick was Steve Parker (in the Wildlife Expo blue shirt) ! Steve is a member of the Oklahoma Bow Hunters Council and has participated at this event since it's beginnings. Always ready to volunteer Steve helps with several Bow Shoots around the state.

Yes I am a little biased as Stevie Boy is my Son, and His Mom and I are very proud of Him!

TOMORROW"S MEMORIES TODAY was the slogan used by the Oklahoma Wildlfe Expo event. I felt this Photo captured the feel of that theme. This is my pick for Tomorrows Memories category.

This little boy was so proud of the Bird House that He and His Dad built together at the Expo!!

The Expo was a rousing success this year. A touch of Fall was in the air and the weather was perfect! Most important was all the fine memories created at this family oriented event! Thanks for coming along to the Expo with me!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Mexico City blind photographers share their world

This is amazing thing that the blind person can do!  Please see the link below.



This young Lady is trying Her hand at launching a long arrow or spear with this primative hunting tool.

Modern Compound Bow

Shooting the Compound in good form was a breeze for this girl!

Place your arrow here.

Even the youngest of the Children were given a chance to participate. All Bow and Arrows with an instructor were provided with no charge!


One of the most primative ways of harvesting your game was to sneak up on your prey and let'em have it with a well aimed stick! Now days we just go to the Market and buy a goose ready to go!

Bodie Town, CA

These are old photos, I hope you don't get bore to see duplicated posting!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Shore birds

Found these shore birds last Sunday while out beach walking. This picture is taken with the Sigma 120 400mm at 400mm handheld. The optical stablilzation on this lens is amazing!


This little ' Tear Drop Camper '  might just be the ticket for your weekend adventures!

Check out this compact, but neat Galley!

The ' Dutch Oven Cooking'  demonstration drew a crowd!


Walking around the Grounds of the Expo searching for a photo my nose brought me to this place. Couldn't help myself when I asked the old question in Okie talk, " Whatcha Fixing ? " . It Sure Smells Good!! ' Giving me a smile while looking up from putting the tomatoes in the mix, She proudly told me 'DUCK-DUCK-GOOSE JAMBALAYA'.  I was there 10 minutes till Twelve waiting for my bowl of this Wild Game Meal!  

Monday, September 26, 2011


Trying out a Kayak by yourself seemed to be a popular activity.

Father and Son made a good Team at this sport.

Maybe a chance to drive an ATV would interest you?

For the youngsters with alot of energy, sawing a log was their fun!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Santa Fe Red Hot Chili Peppers

These pictures are from 7 or 8 years ago when I bought my first DSLR camera Nikon D70 with kit lens 18-70mm  f/3.5.  I have learned a lot about digital photography from this camera, and enjoyed so much using it.  I don't think I'm going to stop learning about photography until I could not push the shutter button.  


Visited the Wildlife Expo at the Lazy E Arena and Ranch near Guthrie on Saturday. Many outdoor activities such as riding in a kayak, fly fishing, shooting a shotgun or bow and arrow, birdwatching, cooking in dutchovens are just a few of the many activities offered.

Falconry was the subject represented at this exhibit. Knowledgeable and practicing Falconers were on hand with their birds of prey to speak and answer questions about the sport.

Youthful Red Tail Hawk

 This guy has only been in training for two weeks and already captured His first rabbit!

Cooper's Hawk

Indoor and outdoor seminars were going on throughout the day. There were so many different activites available there was something of interest for everyone or any age. Will show a few over the next couple or so days.


About a week ago the weather over here on the West Coast of Canada went from full on Summer to Monsoon Season! So far in that time we have gotten just over 5 inches of rain! Sounds like another 2 to 4 inches is on it's way for tomorrow with wind thrown in to add insult to injury...

Today however dawned bright and fair, the calm between storms. Needless to say we (Stephanie and myself) took full advantage of the reprieve and took the dogs and camera to a local beach.

Took this picture handheld at 18mm with the camera set at f16 so I could get as much as possible in focus.

Saturday, September 24, 2011


The Rides on the Midway open at 10:00AM. . At 8:30 there was not a soul stirring! Not for sure if this was a good time for visiting what should be a teeming with people place!

Usually the Farris Wheel is full of screaming and laughing folks, young and old alike. Upbeat music blaring from speakers adding to the thrill.

 For the Pirates tuning in.

Feel like I need to put a warning sign on this pic!

I took an extra cholestrol tab after posting this!

Friday, September 23, 2011

A true parrot head

I was playing with the Nikon Capture NX2 software again today and decided to try the color/black and white conversion again.

This was taken at the St. Louis, MO zoo a few years ago.

Humming Birds

I know I have post these photos before, but I just want to re-post for new members in this blog.

Mono Lake, CA.

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Up and out the door early Wednesday. The Fair has been going on all week. The forecast called for temps in the low 80's F. with a slight chance of rain. A perfect day to be Out and About!

Grabbing my camera I headed East to Oklahoma City and the Fairgrounds. The grounds opened at 8:00am and I wanted to beat the
crowds to maybe get a pic or two, shot in the early light.

The Sun was still casting long shadows and not quite lending it's self to bringing out the full brightness of colors yet to come. Notice our new Skyscraper, the Devon Tower, in the far background. Fifty floors and eight hundred fifty feet high, a tall exclamation point for Oklahoma City and the Plains of the South West! Still under construction the 'Topping Out Ceremony'  was held this week. This will be the new home of Devon Energy.

Standing on the Plaza looking directly East into the Sun, I was able to compose this photo, and the one before, for the feel and look that I wanted. Hiding the Sun behind the Arch, the shadows of same reached to where I was standing, laying across my feet as I made my photos.

As the Sun rose higher and the much needed rain clouds began gathering in the West it was time for the Daily Morning Parade to begin.

I could hear them before they were seen. Hooves clomping the pavement, trace chains rattling and jingling, iron tyred wheels scraping the hard surfaced street! A Team! Heads held high,a matching gait as in a cadence, this proud Hitch was 'Leading the Parade'.!

To be continued................