Friday, January 1, 2010

Coal Harbour

Here are a couple of nice shots of downtown Coal Harbour and Stephen's Bay which I took last weekend. Most of the buildings seen in the below picture were built by the Canadian Armed Forces during WWII. Coal Harbour was a Seaplane base and supported a squadron of long range recon PBYs (Amphibious aeroplanes).

After WWII the base was sold to BC Packers and converted to a whale processing plant and supported a small fleet of Whailing Ships. Whaling finished in 1967 and the buildings were sold.

Things have now come full circle and the large aeroplane hanger (On the left) is once again used by a company with a number of Float Planes.

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  1. These are both great shots. The water really makes them with the reflections and the fact the water is smooth.

    What I want to know is, where's the snow?? We have 0 degree temeratures and snow and ice everywhere and you're sitting pretty up there with sun and warm weather? Doesn't seem fair to me! LOL


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