Thursday, November 13, 2014

Dew on clover

I took this picture a couple of weeks ago before our first frost. Since then the temperature here has gotten down as low as -5° C. or 23° F. and most of the more delicate plants are done until next spring.


  1. If you hadn't have said that was dew I would have guessed it to be ice.

  2. neat! looks like a gemstone crystal formation. :)

  3. Wow- I agree with Tex- that looks like crystal.

  4. It seems to me that we had a short summer here in Texas or I'm too busy to think about that! The cold is here for the last few days, and I will sail for 20 nm race tomorrow in 0c. Got to pack some Cognac to warm me up during the race!

    1. Burrr! Sailing in freezing weather... Cold even when wearing the proper clothing. Yes Cognac is definitely in order. Good luck in your race!


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