Saturday, May 16, 2015

Got Dramamine?

Things around here have been very hectic the last couple of weeks and it appears that they will stay that way for the next several weeks. Because of that I haven't been able to get out and take any photos.

It has made me think of Hawai'i a lot, it doesn't take much you know, but I really do need a vacation and Maui always comes to mind when I think about a vacation. With that said, I thought a little underwater video would give you something to look at, or make you sea sick. One of these days I will learn to put music with my videos, providing I'm smart enough to figure out how.

This was shot in the waters off Olowalu Beach on Maui with the GoPro Hero 4 as I was swimming through the large coral heads about 200 yards off shore.


  1. Beautiful to watch! Things are hectic here too. Life is like that sometimes.

  2. Great video Ron! Really relaxing to watch...

    Sounds like you're working way too hard, time to grab your new drone and Go Pro and video some whales!

  3. Oh how I wish Paul! No drone yet. I have been thinking about it though! I don't know if I'm coordinated enough to fly it over the ocean without worrying about where it would end up. LOL

  4. Makes me miss it that much more!

  5. Maybe I shouldn't watch this video after a few beers. I'm with Aaron, can't wait to go back.


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