Sunday, September 6, 2015

Picture or it's just another fish story...

Normally I'm not one to "Toot my own horn" but I guess I'll make an exception this one time... Not to mention I don't have any other recent photos to post.

I caught this beautiful 10 lb. Coho off the Seagate Wharf in Hardy Bay just over a month ago. Now all I need to do is find enough time to try for another one before all the fish head upstream and the weather turns to it's cold, wet and windy mode!


  1. Hmmmm.... Looks like photo shop to me. Just kidding!

    10 pounds, that could be a few meals and no money involved! I'm waiting for the photo where you have green hair like the kids do. LOL

  2. Nice catch! You always come home with something for us to see. I'm wondering do you need a fishing permit for fishing in your area?

    1. Yes a salt water license with a salmon tag for the ocean or a fresh water license for rivers and lakes. This applies to residents and visitors alike. Both licenses are good for one year.


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