Monday, December 7, 2015

More Eagles

I know eagle photos are pretty ho-hum for Paul since he has breakfast lunch and dinner with the eagles but for an old country guy like me it's kind of exciting to see them since they aren't around here all of the time.

These are two more shots I took this past weekend.


  1. These are fantastic. The eyes are super sharp!

  2. Meh... Big deal! :)

    Actually two really nice captures. The Eagle must have been fairly close in that second picture!

    1. He was. I had one fly almost right at me. He was moving so fast I could barely keep him in the view finder once he got close. That's the down side to not having a zoom you can pull back on.

  3. These are nice shots! I went out couple weeks ago for 3 days to shoot couple Eagles here, and got just a few keeper. I did make another trip today, but could not find them around. They must have move on to another lake.


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