Monday, February 8, 2016

Look really, really close...

This is my friend Patrick fishing on the far side of Hardy Bay... 7012 feet away.

After I got home I Google Earth measured the distance from where I was to where he was. Not bad for handheld, thank goodness for image stabilization and vibration reduction.

The first picture is with the Sigma 10-20 at 10mm, The next 3 are with the Nikon 18-300 and the last 4 are with the Sigma 120-400 and crops thereof. 


  1. Now there's a study in zoom lenses!

    I can see a red dot in the third photo but if I didn't know what I was looking for I would never have seen your friend until the 5th shot.

  2. too funny! i see him, i see him! :)


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