Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Happy St Patrick's Day!

"It's easy" my Irish friend told me...

- First you go to the end of the rainbow. (like it ever quits moving...)
- Next you look around for a little man dressed in green who will be repairing shoes. 
- Now comes the tricky part, catch the little man! (capturing a leprechaun is almost impossible by the way) 
- If by chance you do manage to capture the little fellow he is obliged to tell you where his pot of gold is. (assuming he actually has a pot of gold...)

After thinking about the logistics involved with mounting an expedition to chase rainbows and capture leprechauns I came to the conclusion that we should all just go and buy ourselves a lottery ticket instead!

Happy St. Patrick's Day
May the luck O'the Irish be with you!


  1. love this. thanks for the good dose of reality. ;)

  2. Yes, better odds with the lottery ticket! lol

  3. That definitely sounds easier!!


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