Thursday, May 5, 2016


I think my new camera is jinxed! I first took it to Colorado a couple of weeks ago and got hit with a blizzard and torrential rains.

I took it to Oklahoma with me this past weekend and was hit with high winds, torrential rains, hail and a frickin' tornado!

The weekend wasn't a complete bust though. The weather did clear up for Saturday night and Q and I were able to have a nice fire and cook a steak dinner. 

The winds were too high for the ospreys to be active, I saw only four ospreys the whole weekend. We managed to get a few photos in a nearby small town so I will have something to post.

I'm headed to Texas next week. We see what the weather does then.


  1. I think the weather gave you an outstanding shot!

  2. Perhaps you should take up storm chasing with your new camera!

    Hopefully lots of good stuff gets in front of your lens when you're in Texas!

  3. don't be bringing your bad luck weather down here! :P


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