Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Hapuna Beach.

This beach is on the West side of the island near we stay in Lahuipuaa.  This beach belong to the State Park, and it was most popular beach in the Big Island.  That's the reason why there's $5 fee for parking!!!!  Oh by the way, for non resident only.

This one is in Wailea Bay, and it named Beach 69 don't ask me why!!!  You look it up and let me know :)
  This beach located just 1/2 mile from Hapuna Beach.


  1. I guess that $5 parking fee keeps the beaches less crowded or maybe you were just there really early! The first beach looks like a pretty big beach.

  2. Yes, It was 7:00 am. The area we stay it was clear skies everyday until the last day. Therefore, sun set pictures wasn't that great!

  3. Nice scenes, both look like perfect places to wile away the day!


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