Friday, October 14, 2016

Going fishing

It was cold and rainy out and the smart thing to do was stay inside and maybe take a nap but...

I wanted to test out a new lens so I jumped in the truck and headed to the river with camera in hand.

There were several birds actively fishing, including several eagles, but they all were just a little too far away for the lens I had with me. (Nikon 80-400mm)  This one got a little closer but I still had to crop the photo about 80% to get this so-so picture.

I was excited to see that the eagles are already starting to show up, there were 5-6 there, and I will be heading back soon with the "bazooka" lens to see what I can get.


  1. Not bad even with that much of a crop!

    Nikon 80-400, nice lens! I just about bought one but got the Sigma 120-400 instead mostly because of the price...

    1. The price kept me away for a long time too but now there are lots of used ones out there and the one I bought was in like new condition and almost half the retail price so I couldn't say no.


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