Saturday, June 24, 2017

A re-shoot

When we were on Maui this last time I went back to re-shoot this shot because I thought I could do better. I used a fisheye lens this time and laid several shots in on top of each other to make it an HDR image.

It's about time for our big move. Our shipping container showed up yesterday and we should have it loaded and ready to go by next Wednesday. Our plan is to Leave on Thursday and spend a week driving to California where we will put our pick up on a boat and us and the dogs on a plane and head to paradise.

I'm hoping to be able to post some photos of our trip to California along the way but all I will have with me is the Nikon point and shoot. I left all of my other cameras and lenses in Hawai'i this last trip so they would be there when I got there. 


  1. I know there's a time to think about how are you going to live your life! Well, in this case you have accomplished your dreams, and you should be proud of yourself. Just make sure to enjoy every minutes of this. Also, be ready for me when I get there, I will drag your ass out of bed everyday at 4:00 in the morning to catch sunrise.😄

    1. LOL! I can sleep in because our house is only about ten minutes from the sunrise side of the island!! We're looking forward to you and the family coming for a visit.

  2. Lol, poor you when Q get's there!

    Won't be long now, before you know it your move will be behind you and you'll both be kamaaina!

    Any problems or quarantines for your dogs to come to Maui?

    Quite the colorful re-shoot of that tree!

    1. No problems getting the dogs to the island. There is a ton of paperwork and hoops to jump through and of course everybody has a fee for something. Getting the dogs to Maui is costing about twice what it is for us to go and we're flying first class!!

      To be fair, we're only flying one way and out of California so it just about $500 per person for us to fly but with all of the different fees and vets and chips, etc., the dogs will end up costing about $2500 to get them there.

      The hardest thing about the dogs was finding a rental home that would allow them. A lot of landlords on Maui just aren't big on pets.

  3. This sounds great! Looking forward to pics of your travels/adventures/move!


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