Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Bit the bullett and bought the lens.

Haven't had much opportunity to play with the new Sigma 120-400 yet but here are a couple of hand held shots at 400mm from Vancouver Harbour. Suddenly several new factors come into play when using a lens with this long of focal length, heat waves and haze especially on the longer shots. The OS (optical stabilization) works far better than I expected. I am able to hand hold a shot at 400mm with 1/30sec shutter speed and get good sharp results.

Will post more pictures and impressions soon as I have time to play with this lens a little more.

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  1. Very nice photos! They are clear and bright. I'm glad to hear you are happy with the OS system on the lens.

    I hate to one up you but I also took the plunge and bought a new lens this week. It's on it's way and I should have it next week. I splurged and went for the Sigma 150-500mm lens with the OS system. Hopefully I can get a little closer to the wildlife with it.


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