Thursday, January 1, 2015

It's the first day of the year....

... and the Universe is messing with me already.
So I'm five days away from heading to paradise, I've spent the last three days loading my camera equipment just right so that I can get everything into the space I have available and what happens? Two eagles start flying around my backyard this morning. My own backyard!
Needless to say I was excited about the idea of having eagles just out my back door, well, about 250 yards out the back door, but I actually had to think about trying to take some photos because I was afraid I would never get my equipment packed back like I had it if I took it out. I'm traveling with more camera equipment than clothes.
The photographer in me prevailed and I grabbed what I needed and headed out the door to take some photos.
Of course it is colder than a, well, it's cold, Okay, and the eagles were being harassed by a bunch of crows which eventually made them fly off before I could get close enough for any good photos. I did take a few photos and normally I wouldn't post these because they just aren't that good but I thought since I unpacked all of my stuff and went out in the cold I was going to post them, good or bad.
Now I just have to try to remember how I had everything packed.


  1. you made me laugh! but you really made me JEALOUS! not about hawaii, either. bald frickin' eagles in your backyard!!!

  2. What an exciting event! I would say this is a good omen for that fantastic trip of yours. Happy New Year!

  3. That is wonderful! What a sight.

  4. I hope this is a good omen for the year for you!! Pretty cool being able to see them out the in the back yard and not have to drive somewhere to. Hopefully they will be frequent visitors!

  5. Oh good, I see you got my New Years Eagle-gram from Canada and it was on time too!

    Eagles in your back yard, how cool is that! They will probably keep coming back now that they know you have all your camera gear packed away... All kidding aside, hopefully they do come back and get near enough for you to take some nice close in pictures!

    1. Thanks Paul! Keep those eagle-grams coming. I could use some dollar-grams to if you've got any! LOL

  6. That is a nice treat for New Year! All you have to do is buy another set of camera and lens for home use.


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