Saturday, January 10, 2015

My first day in the water and I was snuck up on by Honu (green sea turtle.
We woke up very early our first day and as soon as the sun came out the turtles showed up on the reef and started feeding. Being the enthusiastic photographer that I am I grabbed my camera and underwater housing and headed for the ocean.
At one time we had four turtles feeding on the reef in front of our condo and while I was slowing working my way to one to get a close up photo I felt something bump my leg in the water. Needless to say it scared it the crap out of me until I looked down and saw the turtle. He swam right between my legs, not caring at all that I was there.
I pointed the camera straight down and took a photo at the same time I was trying to see if I was going to get eaten by a shark. Between the cool temperature of the water and being half scared to death for a split second I can safely say I was wide awake by the time my early morning swim was over.


  1. how very cool (but i can imagine the instant of fear, too!)

  2. LOL! I'm glad that you didn't missing any body parts after that event. Awesome photos.

  3. Scary but not scary enough to miss taking pictures, huh? The turtle is so pretty. I feed the Red Slider turtles on our stock tank. They even come when I call them and some come out of the water to eat.

  4. Great pictures! Sneaky turtles... Who would have known they were both stealthy and bold! :)

  5. Glad it wasn't a shark! You sound like a devoted photographer. Nice shots of the turtle!


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