Monday, June 8, 2015

Mother Nature's Electric Company

Here are three good shots I got of Mother Nature's Electric Company. I haven't had many chances to get out and get any new shots so getting a chance to go out last night and stay out till 12 am was awesome. Hope you enjoy!


  1. awesome! really like that first shot!

  2. These are fantastic! I really love the clouds in that first shot.

    Midnight huh? I guess it's good to be young!

  3. Oh yes Aaron, these are fantastic

  4. Oooh wow, I have to echo the others here: those lightning shots are *fantastic!* They've got to be better than fireworks. I remember one 4th of July a few years ago...we had a hard time catching the fireworks from the surrounding towns, but the good Lord sure put on a lightning show for us--all more or less cloud-to-cloud lightning without rain if I recall.

  5. Awesome Aaron! You did a really great job of capturing these three spectacular photos, nice shooting!

  6. These are awesome! I like all of them! Did you have to use any ND filters on these shot?

    1. I didn't use a ND filter Q. The lightning was stay mainly in the clouds so it wasn't too bright. I had the camera set at f9, iso 500 and bulb mode.


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