Monday, July 6, 2015

Dark & Wet

It's been raining and raining and raining here and we're supposed to have three more days of rain this week starting today. Our pond has overflowed twice now and the yard looks like a river has gone through but I guess that happens when you get five inches of rain in a day on top of an already saturated ground.

All of the clouds and rain are bringing out some bright colored mushrooms though.


  1. That last one is really interesting.

  2. Well now that's a switch, usually you're the one talking about how hot and dry it is and I'm the one complaining about the rain!

    Over here on the Coast our "Temperate Rain Forest" is burning up with many forest fires, We haven't seen any appreciable rain for the past 3 months and none expected in the foreseeable future either. Yesterday afternoon the temperature on our back deck was 97° and no one around here has air conditioning because it rarely ever gets over 80°

    Crazy weather all around if you ask me!


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