Thursday, July 9, 2015

Getting the shot

While snorkeling one day Aaron and I came across this snowflake eel in the shallow waters. It was originally under a rock until we started pointing our cameras at it and then it started looking for some place else to go.

Even though the snowflake eel is part of the moray eel family, it doesn't have the sharp menacing teeth like the moray does. They do however have jaws like a vice that they use to crush crab shells to get their favorite meal. Either way, I was glad the eel headed towards Aaron and not me. He's younger and can move faster!


  1. Neat-looking creature! Aaron's camera is interesting; don't know if I've seen a real underwater camera before. Glad you both survived; I don't think I'd want a creature with "jaws like a vice" heading toward me. ;)

  2. Amazing patterns on these eels! I didn't know that about their strong jaws...

  3. Ron, what kind of protection case for your camera are you using?

    Mersad Donko Photography

    1. We both use Ikelite underwater housings.


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