Thursday, August 6, 2015


Not even a week later another Oops! This time in the entrance to Stephen's Bay about 10 miles from the last boat on the rocks picture I posted. Hopefully the only damage is a bit of hurt pride...


  1. I hope so too. Wonder how that happened...

    Mersad Donko Photography

  2. Oh goodness, was that a high tide-low tide disaster or did he drive too fast around a blind curve. Ouch, either way!

  3. I hope they drive their cars better than their boats up your way!! LOL

  4. Oh wow, I wonder, like others, how that happened. Looks like a beautiful area with all those trees.

  5. Do you think they got caught by the low tide?

  6. Finally an update to this story...

    Apparently this happened at high tide so the boat operator and the passenger didn't see the rocks. Very little damage to the boat or the two on board but the bottom end of the engine and the propeller got chewed up pretty good.

    Long and short of it the tide went out and when it came back in again the boat refloated and they were able to get to the dock with their trolling motor and get on with repairs.

    Sounds like an expensive fishing trip to me!

  7. Hate to explain that one to the wife!!


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