Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Turtle Tuesday

I'm still learning all that can be done with the little GoPro cameras. They have their own studio software for editing videos you take with the GoPro and that software (like many others) lets you take a frame from your video and turn it into a photo.

It doesn't make a super sharp photo and you won't be blowing the image up to a 2 foot by 3 foot print, unless you like lots of pixelation, but it doesn't do a bad job for an electronic photo or making a smaller print.

The GoPro cameras do the job they are intended for very well and do a pretty good job in several other aspects of photography. If  you are action minded you should have one. If you just like "toys" like me then you should definitely have one.


  1. nice ones and great that they're from go pro.

  2. Great turtle captures! They sure blend into their surroundings...

    My Son also owns a GoPro and posts video and still shots to various internet sites. Pretty impressive little camera when you consider it's waterproof and basically indestructible!


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