Tuesday, October 20, 2015

I dig potatos!

So back around the middle of May I planted 20 potatoes all about the size of my fist.
Yesterday I finally got around to digging them up to see how they turned out.
Almost three milk crates full. Looks like I won't need to buy any potatoes for the next few months...
Had a couple with dinner tonight, they were delicious, no comparison to store bought potatoes.
I really dig potatoes!


  1. Not so fast! What's that long orange potato I see? ;-)

  2. Nice work! I would love to have one of those with my juicy steak. Also, I think I should call you a Martain man now if you seen the movie.

  3. That's funny Q! The martian, I think that's a good name for Paul.

    Fireblossom has a point, it looks like a carrot or two snuck in with your potatos

  4. good for you. mashed potatoes are my favorite comfort food and i rarely have them.


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