Thursday, October 15, 2015

The zoom works!

Aaron and I were out one night while in Maui this past January to take some night shots. Yes, Hawaii. It's getting close to winter and our next trip so my daydreaming is kicking into high gear. I can hear the palm trees and ocean waves calling my name.
I had heard about this technique being done so I thought I would give it a try.
This probably wasn't the best spot to try it but while running a long exposure to get the night lights of Lahaina across the bay I zoomed in while the shutter was open. It's an interesting effect but it kind of looks like I had one too many mai tais before picking up my camera.
This one was zoomed the correct way and no mai tais were involved.


  1. Definitely an interesting effect on that first picture! Just so long as no Mai Tais were harmed in the making of these pictures... :)

  2. The flower is beautiful! And neat effect with the zoom.


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