Saturday, February 11, 2017

My first model shoot

Cheryl and I were sitting on our lanai one morning drinking coffee and this lovely lady came out on to the grass and was trying to take her own photo with a point and shoot on a small tripod.

We watched her for a couple of minutes and my wife said I should go down to the beach and offer to take some shots for her, and I always do what my wife tells me! LOL

Her name is Pat, she is a body builder form Nevada and she was more than happy for me to take some photos with my "fancy" camera. I took about 100 shots and was able to get 6-8 good ones out of the bunch.  

The wind was blowing pretty good so it was hard to get shots without her hair blowing into her face or looking like a hurricane was coming.  I could have used a little fill flash but I hardly ever take my flash to Hawai'i and this was one of the years I didn't. These were taken early in the morning before the sun had gotten over the top of  the volcano so it was still a little dark.


  1. I agree with Felicia, nice shooting, these turned out quite nicely!

  2. She said some shots! Not 100... LOL.
    I think Pat loves, and appreciated for you doing that for free.


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