Friday, February 24, 2017

Twin Peaks

Maybe I could have used that lens you found Paul to see to the top!

Hawai'i never stops amazing me. I'm ready to do some more exploring!


  1. You bet, put that fine 2400mm lens on a cropped frame sensor Nikon DSLR and you'd be shooting 3600mm! Read the fine print on a newspaper from the next island over...
    Nice shot of the twin peaks! (On the southern part of Maui I presume).

    1. These are actually on the west side towards the north. Haleakala makes up all of the south end (the largest part of Maui) with Puu Kukui and Hanaula making up the north. The shot is of Puu Kukui and Hanaula with Hanaula being on the right.

      Now you know why I just said "twin peaks" LOL


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