Sunday, April 23, 2017

Chasing Squirrels

So a few days ago I had my two dogs and my Son's dog out for a walk. We had just left the house and were only 100 feet behind my little work shop when my Son's dog ran 20 feet into the woods chasing Squirrels I assumed... Until I saw this up the tree, maybe 30 feet from where I was with the other two dogs!

Nice kitty... Stay kitty...


  1. Oh WOW! This is a great shot! That was a brave dog to chase down a big cat like this.

  2. That's an awful big squirrel!!! LOL

    I'm with Q though, that's a great shot!

  3. WHOAAAAAA. my heart would have stopped right there. Please be careful with your dogs. they could disappear. you be careful too.

    Say Paul I see you have a 7100. Do you like it. I'm thinking about getting one.

    1. Short answer, Yes I love my 7100!
      Long answer, Yes I love my 7100 but it's heavy to pack around all day!

      Having said that, it's a great camera especially if you already own other Nikon lenses.


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