Sunday, April 16, 2017

It's Spring!

The dogwoods are blooming and the other trees are finally getting some leaves on them. Before long everything will be lush and green.

Just in time for me to pack up and leave!  Besides being sick for about a month which kept me from posting, the last few months my wife and I have been selling what we can and packing the rest for a move to Hawai'i. We finally got tired of thinking about it and decided to go and not look back.

We will be Kama'aina, pronounced ka-ma-EYE-na,
 (Hawaiian for local) by this summer.


  1. Hopefully, I will see you next summer 2018! I agreed with you. If you are able to do it, just do it! The Haven door is getting closer to you than you think! I'm going to miss you guys....

  2. Hello Spring, next stop perpetual summer in paradise!
    I'm so glad for you and Cheryl!


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