Saturday, February 17, 2018

Mossy Oasis...

A few years ago when digging up some pipes in Coal Harbour I came across an old piece of Whale bone which isn't that uncommon around here as the old RCAF Coal Harbour seaplane base was sold and turned into a Whaling Station after WWII was over.
Anyway back to my story... I found this old piece of Whale Bone and set it on a nearby electrical enclosure and promptly forgot about it. Well several days ago I saw this mossy thing and on closer examination realised it was the whale bone I had found and placed there several years earlier. Now turned into a beautiful little Mossy Oasis complements of Mother Nature!


  1. awesome looks like a mini jungle on there and I really like the leaf under the top pic it looks like a fruit leather lol

  2. You could be making Maui fish hook necklaces out of that bone and be making some money! LOL


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