Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Is it a close up of cauliflower?

Vegetables? Not me, I'm a steak and potato man. This was taken with a Tamron 18-250mm lens as a storm was approaching the city I was in this weekend. This is a close up of the thunder storm cloud.

A photo of the whole cloud, as it was approaching is below. These were both shot at the same location at the same time.


  1. Both good shots! Nasty cloud though... Two questions: are both shots hand held and are both shots as shot or did you edit them. The reason I'm asking is "Steady hand!" if hand held on the close up and good detail on the close up if as shot, a good plug for Tamron.

  2. Both of these shots are hand held, shooting in aperture priority. The wide shot is as is except for some cropping to get rid of some of the "junk" and extra sky in the photo. The closeup is also cropped by about one third and I adjusted the contrast a little in Elements.

  3. Both photos were shot a F 6.3 and 1/1000 sec.


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