Monday, June 16, 2014

Juvenile Dragonfly

At least I'm assuming it's a juvenile...

The other weekend we were having a hot dog roast up at the lake, I got up from my camp chair to get something and when I returned this little guy was sitting on my chair. I almost didn't see him and would have squished him had I sat down.

After taking a number of pictures of the little fellow I set the camera aside and went to sit down but he still wouldn't move! So I reached down with my right hand and he climbed right onto my finger, no fear! I got to get a picture of this I thought to myself. One little problem, ever try to run a full size DSLR camera with your left hand? Wasn't going to happen so no picture of a dragonfly perched neatly on the tip of my finger but a funny story to go with the picture I did get!


  1. Maybe he was taking lessons form the dogs and was just waiting for something to eat. LOL

    That's a nice close up.


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