Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Yard Birds

Just a few birds flying around in the front yard.

I know the first one is some kind of woodpecker (I think) and the second one is a mockingbird but the other two, well, they're birds!


  1. male red-bellied woodpecker, northern mockingbird, male house finch and white-breasted nuthatch. :)

    i have that exact feeder, too. it's not out this year as i've found the squirrels empty it in a new york minute!

  2. Mockingbirds!! My favorite. These are awesome shots Ron.

  3. Nice group of pictures, looks like you've had some colorful feathered visitors to your place recently!

    Good thing TexWisGirl is got all the bird names figured out...

  4. Wonderfully captured Ron! I especially like the first shot...
    -- The Wanderer

  5. Nice vistors you have there.


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