Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Kalalau Trail

One of the highlights on my previous trip to Kauai is taking 2 miles hike in this Kalalau trail.  This is the America's 10 most dangerous hikes.  The Hike: Pictures of the dramatic and lush Na Pali Coast stir hikers' wanderlust, but the Kalalau Trail hugging this dramatic coastline also triggers something far less romantic: terror. "People have a hard time with some of the dropoffs," says Kathy Valier, a Kauai resident who's written guidebooks on hiking the island. "The trail bed is narrow and crumbly, and I've talked with many people who have either fallen off the trail or seen it happen." The footing is twice as treacherous after the island's abundant rainfall turns the track into a greasy slip 'n slide–not amusing when you're edging along a 300-foot cliff that spills straight into a rocky surf. But despite such dangers, tons of locals and visitors continue to make the 11-mile (one way) pilgrimage to Kalalau, one of the world's most paradisical beaches.

The picture below are from other website.  This area is near the end of the trail that everyone talking about.


  1. Great pics!! Ron is doing a kayak trip from Ke'e to Polihale this weekend. He's got the go pro ready for action!!!

  2. It looks like a great place to take photos but I'm not sure that's what I would call a vacation. I'm more of the sit back and relax kind of guy. I don't think a two mile hike with the possibility of dying is a good vacation idea. LOL

    1. Oh Ron, where 's your sense of adventure?????? :)

  3. Beautiful views from along the trail, I especially like the third picture!

    Though I have to admit that that last picture is enough to deter me from risking life and limb to visit this place especially after it's rained ...

  4. Last week this trail took one life and another hiker suffered a broken leg. Not a real intelligent group,as they were hiking at night. Day or night I don't know if I could hike this one extremely dangerous portion of this trail.


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