Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Remember when...

Remember when you used to keep a couple extra dimes in your pocket just in case you had to make a phone call when you were away from home? It wasn't that many years ago...

You hardly ever see pay phones any more now that pretty much every one has cell phones.

It never used to bother me talking on a pay phone but now days the thought of putting that receiver close to my mouth and ear much less having to hold the thing that who knows who touched it last really leaves me with a huge icky factor!


  1. The pay phones is gone! I wonder when the cell phones are gone! Everyone going to have an implant micro chip in your body with a hard drive to record the scenery around you. Then the cameras going away, and this blog will be "Virtual Reality The World Around Us."

  2. Phone's ringing. I wonder who it is! Hello? Oh! Hurry to the's long distance!!! ;-)

  3. Germs? Surely you're not scared of a little microbe? LOL


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