Sunday, December 7, 2014

Interesting visitor...

Spotted this interesting visitor to Canada earlier this fall at the Port Hardy Airport. I'm thinking they were likely making their way up to or back from Alaska. Pretty impressive piece of machinery!


  1. nice way to cross the border! :)

  2. This shot should be in their promotion poster. Love the mountain in the background.

  3. Maybe they were stopping by for some of your smoked salmon. They look like they are discussing directions to your house. LOL

    I have to agree with Q on this one, you did a great job of framing the shot with the mountain and trees in the background.

    1. Oh yeah I totally planned every detail in this photograph... Not! :)

      Basically I poked my camera lens up to the chain link fence and clicked away, when I got home I cropped the chain link fence out of the edges of the picture and posted it!


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