Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Sneak attack!

I was out with the camera several evenings ago hoping for a sunset that never materialized... Just as I was getting ready to head home I spotted a juvenile Eagle with a piece of fish. It would seem that I wasn't the only one to have seen this young Eagle and his fish... Out of the blue a mature Bald Eagle swooped in under the young Eagle and expertly relieved him of his prize! 

Unfortunately not the best pictures as it was getting quite dim by the time this all went down but thanks to Photoshop I was able to make these shots somewhat more presentable.


  1. You just have to rub it in don't you! LOL

    I spend months just trying to get a shot of a mature eagle, any shot mind you, and you get these shots when you're not even looking for them. This is defenitely a great action sequence even if it wasn't in the most ideal light. You did a great job of getting the photos and bringing out the light in them. And they were probably hand held too, huh?

    1. Yup handheld but I did have the tripod nearby... It was behind the seat in the truck. Does that count? :)

  2. You are a lucky man! Very nice shot!


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