Friday, December 5, 2014

The young ones

Aaron and I went back out to the local lake last weekend trying for the ever elusive eagle photo again.
We were pleasantly surprised by no less than 10 eagles, 8 of which were juveniles. This is the most we have ever seen here and they actually got close enough to us to fill the camera frame a few times but the lighting was terrible. It was overcast but bright and the eagles were flying directly above us like they knew we couldn't get any good photos because of the lighting.  That didn't stop me from taking photos, but they aren't great photos.
Once again I was caught unprepared because I didn't have the camera on the tripod as they flew over. I was forced to shoot hand held and at one time I even had to lay on the ground so I could shoot straight up.
I think the eagles just enjoy taunting the old man.


  1. oh, that's so very cool. congratulations!

  2. at least you got some images.

  3. Real nice shots!

    The two pictures you posted came out real nice and the lighting looks just fine to me!

  4. These shots came out really nice. Getting better every time you getting back to the same spot.


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