Saturday, March 7, 2015

Coming up for air

These first three were taken from the lanai of our condo one afternoon when I was being lazy and just enjoying being on the island.

A little help please?

I came across this turtle in the waters in front of our condo and he had some fishing line hanging from his mouth. I noticed it just after I took the photo so I reached down to see if it would come out and the honu (Hawaiian green sea turtle) actually opened his mouth like he wanted me to take it out.

Fortunately for both of us there was no hook on the end of the line and it came right out just by me grabbing the line and the turtle turning his head.

It wasn't any kind of big rescue by any means but it was a little humbling to know that this happens more than you know and it felt good to give a helping hand.


  1. awww! glad there was no hook (to be seen, at least!)

  2. This happens far too often, Lines together with hooks, left behind by careless fishermen can cause so much damage. I have come across ducks with hooks lodged in their throats, and it stops them from eating, and eventually they die a painful death. I'm so glad this beautiful turtle wasn't a victim, and you removed the offending line. Beautiful close up shot!

  3. Oh so sad. Dangerous but so cruel.

  4. Great shots and successful helping of the sea life. Pretty amazing to swim with one of these guys!

  5. That last picture would make a great post card!

    Nice that you were able to help that turtle out, glad there was no hook. I love a happy ending!

    1. You are right! I think that picture he or she saying welcome to Maui Ron!

  6. What a wonderful thing for both you and the turtle.

  7. Good for you helping the beautiful turtle. I'm sure he/she would say "thank you" if they could.

  8. He's a good-looking fellow! Glad you could help him!


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