Sunday, March 29, 2015

Eagle eye!

I spotted this pair a couple of days ago and shot a couple pictures before the male flew off leaving the female to keep an eye on me while I took a few more shots.


  1. I really, really hate you! LOL

    These are great shots! The eyes are perfectly in focus. Were these taken with the Sigma? Settings please??

    1. Let's see... Sigma 120-400 handheld at 400mm, f8, spot metering.

      In Photoshop I adjusted "Levels"(I usually select "auto"), "Shadows/Highlights" (mostly shadow recovery), some cropping and finally "Unsharp Mask" at (Amount 150 / Radius 1.5) and then I went back and sharpened up the eyes some more almost to the point of being grainy but not quite.

  2. I have to agree nice and sharp Paul. These are great shots of them.

  3. Really amazing photography Paul. You were lucky to have caught them.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  4. Looks like that first one really has something to talk about! Excellent captures!


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