Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Catching some rays II

This is a spotted eagle ray. I ran into three of these in a patch of sea grass looking for something to eat.

They weren't as friendly as the large manta ray I came across before. They didn't want me getting any where near them and "flew" off as soon as I started to get close.

I was looking around a lot more on this swim so I saw them long before they saw me!  I let the ocean current take me into where they were which is the only reason I got as close as I did.


  1. Never seen this Eagle Ray in Hawaii before! That's a nice catch.

  2. Rays and rays, nicely captured, especially being able to get that close!

    But what I'm wondering is why you were looking for something to eat in a patch of sea grass, you should have eaten before you went snorkeling! :)

  3. What can I say Paul, I'm a grazer, always looking for something to eat! LOL


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