Saturday, September 17, 2016

Catching some rays

And you thought I was just laying on the beach somewhere drinking beer.
The wing span on this one was over six feet wide which made him very, very big. Especially when he got close. Apparently he had circled me in the water a few times before I even saw him because when I got out of the water there were lots of people gawking at the ray and me because he was so large you could see him underwater from the shore.
The fact he had circled me a few times before I saw him made me a little nervous in hindsight. Had he been a shark instead of a ray I might have had a serious problem!


  1. Wolves cirle their prey too... '?'

    You are sure getting some interesting pictures with your UW camera equipment!

  2. Thanks Paul. These were all shot with the GoPro


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