Friday, September 30, 2016

Sunrise on St. Croix

Out of the two weeks we were there I think we had two decent sunrises. The rest were without clouds and just bright sun, nothing to give the sky a nice texture and color. The sunsets were about the same too. The skies just were not cooperating. 

After the first week I just gave up trying to get a good sunset photo and concentrated on getting a good cocktail! 


  1. Two weeks of sunrises... Isn't that a bit out of character for you? :)

    You totally nailed this sunrise! I could see this picture on the cover of a travel poster or magazine.

  2. It's a lot out of character for me but I didn't have much choice this trip. When the sun came up it shined right into our bedroom so there wasn't any sleeping once it was up.


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