Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bird pics.

Here are some recent bird pictures. First is a Grey Heron, middle one is a Loon (All our $1 coins have a picture of a Loon, that's why we call em "LOONIES") and the last pic is a Bald Eagle shot today.
Heron with 70-300 at 300

Loon with 18-135 at 135

Eagle with 70-300 at 300 (I took about 20 pics of this guy this was the only one that was any good all the rest were fuzzy... Typical nikon 70-300 g lens)
Been looking at lenses... Thinking about a longer lens in the 400-500mm range. As far as I can see the Nikon 80-400 vr would be the most versitile of the bunch for the type of photography I do. Small enough to pack around and can still be handheld at 400mm not to mention that it has good reviews on sharpness even wide open at 400mm.

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  1. Very nice shots! I've been thinking about getting a longer zoom myself. I will have to look at the Nikon. I was thinking about going cheap and getting a "Bigma". They make a 50-500 I thought about trying.


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