Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The view from up here

I went for another hike today and came across some old gold mine claim markers. This one was on top of the ridge about 40 feet above one of the old mines. There were two mines within fifty feet of each other and both were within the same claim. I was hoping to find the last claim marker because you can sometimes still find the old claim titles stuck inside a jar or can inside one of the claim markers.

I couldn't go into either of the mines because they were both filled with water.

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  1. Very cool find! So there is gold in your neck of the woods also... Any lost mine stories, burried treasure, why are you really there? LOL
    I think every part of the world where there is gold also has the stories to go with. Around here it is soposidly the Spaniards who mined and hid things way back when...


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