Saturday, March 20, 2010

Heart Rocks

Was it real? The first heart on a pedestal was a real photo. The heart rock is a well known landmark in the mountains here. If you talk to the big brains around here they all say it is a natural formation but if you actually look at it and pay attention to where it is it becomes obvious that it was placed where it is by humans. The pedestal and heart are all one piece of granite.

The heart I posted today is also a man made shape (and real) and points to a valley that has several more man made "things" in it. The photo is a little decieving because I took it from across the valley. The large tree just above this heart is about 20 feet tall if that gives you any perspective on the size of this heart.

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  1. Verry Interresting. Looks like interesting countryside to explore down your way. Even better when you have a camera along.
    Did you hike down to this formation?


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