Saturday, December 21, 2013

Ice Storm for Winter Solstice

Ice Fountain
Seems the Winter Solstice brought a nice little ice storm with it this year. How about that for timing?

Ice Coated
The foliage was insulated in the clear frozen liquid. It's a wonder the added weight from the ice did not have this ivy on the ground.

Ice Box
The mail box was frozen shut. No bills today! Guess the postman left his little hammer at home? He usually pecks around the door when it is frozen.

Icy Perch
Not much entertainment happening at the gazebo today. Rain checks were given!

Swizzle Sticks of Ice
By noon the icicles had reached a good foot or more as the moisture kept falling. Even the Christmas lights were coated with a layer of the frozen stuff! Thankfully about a half hour ago the back side of the storm passed to the east. A day or two of sunshine and this will all be a memory. Feel free to break off a swizzle stick for the beverage of your choice. Give a toast to celebrate the Winter Solstice of 2013! 


  1. your mailbox is really cute! :) we had rain today but thankfully no freeze expected until tomorrow night. hoping yours clears by tomorrow and you are free to roam about the state of oklahoma. :)

  2. somehow I just knew these were you beautiful pics Parker. Great job.

    Merry Christmas

  3. You caught some great shots Parker. Stay warm.

  4. An icy welcome to winter to be sure, nice group of pictures!

  5. That looks cold! We got some ice up here but it came down as ice pellets and not the stuff that makes the power go out. Thankfully your power stayed on and you stayed warm.


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