Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Adios 2013 !

The Last Day of the Year!
Well folks, I think we have just about used up all the miles, hopes, and wishes of  2013! From the looks of the bus, I do believe we need a new one! Seems all my blogger friends and fellow posters took full advantage of the year and celebrated in pictures and words. I wonder how they can top this past year? Guess we will know soon enough. The new bus boards tomorrow. Expect 2014 to be a wild ride. Dibs on a window seat!

New Year! New Wishes!
I haven't made resolutions in years. Wishes seem to have a more realistic ring! So as Father Time is ushered out the door, and the Baby 2014 makes it's entrance; I wish you the best of the New Year!

The above photos were taken
at the OKC Arts Festival.
Cropped from large posters on display.


  1. i like wishes and hopes, too. i do hope 2014 will be a kind one. :)

  2. Love the graffiti shot! Happy New Years all!

  3. Happy New Years to you and Charlotte! Can't wait to see what 2014 has in store!

  4. Happy New Year Parker!

    Wishes instead of resolutions, sounds good to me! Now where'd I leave those lottery numbers...


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