Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Standing knee deep in the water somewhere...

I'm still digging through the old files again. Unfortunately for Tex, most of my digging has been in the Hawaii files. LOL
I was actually standing knee deep in the water using a tripod to get this HDR image.


  1. i can use some warming up today, so i'll let it slide...

  2. I would have to say that your efforts paid off, nice detail and rich color in this picture!

  3. By standing in the water your composition of the scene worked out well. Caught you some nice colors as well!

  4. Your tripod legs should be rusty by now, shouldn't they????? LOL.

  5. Sometime you have to sacrifice to get the shot. Good work!

    1. Yes Q, it was a sacrifice. I had to fly to Hawaii and stand in the clear warm waters and watch the sun set. It's was terrible! LOL


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