Thursday, May 22, 2014

Blue spray paint...

While out exploring a few days ago my wife and I came across a large Cedar tree, the only tree left standing in a freshly logged area which was somewhat unusual. Normally when they log they take all the trees!

So we parked the truck and walked up to the large tree to take a few pictures. On the way up I noticed some blue spray paint on the tree but couldn't quite make out what it said as it was quite faded.

We walked around the big tree and speculated on it's age and girth. Just as I was trying to decipher the faded blue lettering on the tree my wife finds that the tree is hollow under one side and says "This looks like a Bear Den under here"... Suddenly the cryptic blue spray paint made sense. "BEAR DEN"!

Needless to say we were out of there and back to the truck before you could say "I think I smell a Pick-a-nic basket"! Never a dull moment over here on the West Coast...


  1. oh, wow! glad they saved it (and its occupants!)

  2. That looks like a very big tree! I'm not sure the bears will want to use it as a den anymore since there isn't anything else around it now but it was nice of them to save it just in case.


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